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Grip in Dry 81%
Grip in Wet 73%
Feedback 73%
Wear 68%
Comfort 76%
  Overall performance 74%  

The Dunlop FastResponse asymmetrical tread design reduces friction in the wet, the Fastresponse has excellent traction in the wet and dry. The tyre is very economical not only does it reduce fuel consumption but also the tyres durability is very good.

Dunlop SP Sport Fast Response

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Dunlop Fast Response Dunlop Fast Response  


Customer Comments

Fantastic tyres, I can say that they save my life, as i was cruising at 120km\h i was force to brake to a stop in 15m to avoid a car that was entering on the main road and did not see me! About Wear, this is the bad part, i have done 37.000km, i think that i will reach 40k, but for a tyre that offers so much grip it is okay!
Given 66% | Car: Ford Fiesta 1.4 pe| Tyre size 185/65/14| Date: August 24, 2011
The Dunlop Fast Response don't look the part i mean they don't have the appeal of the P6000 or the Goodyear F1s however the Fast response is one of the best tyres i have ever had in terms of the performance and durability comfort. The combination is just right, i had the F1s previously but although grip was high they didn't last long. I think Dunlop has got this tyre bang right as the name suggest this tyre is all about response and it is right up there in terms of breaking performance, handling and wet grip. I've had the fronts on for about a year now and tyre wear is half worn, i'm going back for the rear tyres in a few months. I hope Dunlop make this tyre for a long time as it is has a good blend of performance, durability and comfort.
Given 77% | Car: Audi A4| Tyre size 215/55/16| Date: March 07, 2011
Just had my tyre on for a few days now but a massive difference over my previous tyres. These seem to grip and feel really good the car feels sure footed on sharp turns and the grip is always there even in the rain. Early days yet so cant comment on tyre wear but confident they will give me good mileage as advised by the fitter. The tyre fitter said he had these tyres on his car and he got 12k on the rear, and they still have not completely worn out. I never thought tyres would make a huge difference, i always thought of them as the same but i guess i was wrong. The Dunlop Fast response are really different, a quality tyre compared to my last tyres. Maybe its because my last pair were Milennium and these are premium tyres not sure, but have no problems in recommending theses tyre anyone who wants a good all round tyre.
Given 77% | Car: BMW 320D| Tyre size 205/55/16 W| Date: November 09, 2009
Superb tyres absolutely worth the money, i have always purchased branded tyres and after reading reviews i decided on the Fast Response tyres by Dunlop. The perform really good on the motorway and on country roads very little road noise and very comfortable and good steering response. Grip levels as you would expect are high and give you confidence. Done 6k miles and tyres are showing very little wear should last me a few years.
Given 76% | Car: VW Passat| Tyre size 205/60/15 V| Date: October 05, 2009