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Maxxis is a mid-range brand. Started out as a budget tyre, and because of the quality of the products which has significantly improved over the years we class them a mid range. Maxxis is a Chinese manufacture and has been making tyres since 1970. Maxxis is perhaps more famous for it's kart and bicycle products than their car tyres. Maxxis have gained more notoriety and brand appeal by advertising with several football club including Everton and Liverpool. The Maxxis range includes products for cars and light trucks, bicycles, motorcycles, ATVs, trailers, karts, and lawn and garden care. The Maxxis range is distributed worldwide. Maxxis employees more the 20,000 employees around the world and has become a multinational company. We like the Maxxis brand they are just a little more expensive than a budget tyre and are well worth the extra cost.

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Maxxis MAZ1 Victra tyre
MAZ1 Victra
The MAZ1 is a stunning looking tyre it has a very sharp v type tread design that is very eye catching and looks great on any car.
Maxxis MA-V1
The MAV1 classic block pattern, gives good grip in wet and dry very suitable for family saloons and executive car.
Maxxis MA-P1 car tyre
The MAP-1 a great tyre with quality that is premium like, features a unique central rib design, which channels water out. Lager shoulder blocks give better road contact.
Maxxis UA-603
The UA-603 looks almost like an all season tyre, however it is not it is in fact a summer tyre. We have not had any reviews of its performance in winter conditions. Looking at the tread design it may give you some traction.
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Maxxis MA-701
The Maxxis MA701 is a good for city cars the tread design features large tread blocks which are  ideal for smaller cars the design enables more road contact.
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Maxxis MA703
Maxxis MA703 is ideal for small cars and is made for comfort and durability.
Maxxis MA-S2
MA-S2 Marauder
The Mas-2 is for luxury and high end 4x4’s it Supports a very distinctive tread design.
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Maxxis MA-S1 4x4 tyre
MA-S1 Marauder
The MAS-1 is another 4x4 tyre designed for road use and is available in may 4x4 sizes.
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Maxxis MA751 4x4 tyre
A good all-terrain tyre, the MA751 is ideal for both on and light off road use, its tread design produces a smooth and comfortable drive.
Maxxis 4x4 tyres  
Maxxis Mud Terrain 4x4 tyre
MT-754 Buckshot Mudder
The most popular off road tyre in the Maxxis range, The MT754 has great traction and stability in all of road conditions.
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Maxxis UE-103 van tyre
Capable of carrying the heaviest loads, quite a popular choice for van drivers. With a classic zig-zag design.
Maxxis UE-168 commercial van tyre
Another commercial tyre by maxxis features a more closer nit pattern than other commercial tyres.
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