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Grip in Dry 82%
Grip in Wet 70%
Feedback 72%
Wear 72%
Comfort 70%
  Overall performance 73%  

The Falken AT (All Terrain) is a good tyre suited for off-road 4x4 cars. The unique tread pattern and design make sure it has good traction in both the wet and dry and even in icy conditions. The Falken AT is priced over whelmingley cheap compared to other recognised brands, yet in tests it performs just as if not better than some of the marque makes. Mostly found on Jeeps and Land Rovers.



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Customer Comments

Second time I’ve bought the Falken AT's and very happy with the overall with them. The quality of the product the price is just bang on, right up my street. I only use them occasionally on grass and mud, they give me good traction it’s noting hardcore but most of the time the cars is for road use, and the Falken AT's are best suited for me. If you require a tyre for light off-roading then the Falken AT is the ideal choice and I’ve tried a few other makes they either too heavy or won’t give you traction off road. Tyre noisy is there but only if you turn off the radio and put the windows all down you can hear the tyres otherwise they are fine. Occasionally you do get small stones stuck in the tread which can make the tyre nosier but that’s only if you’re travelling on rough roads. All in all the Falken AT are well worth it. Oh yeah forgot to mention that they are not that bad in the snow, I found them okay on soft snow but you know when the snow freezes or goes hard they do struggle but I guess that’s probably because they not proper winter tyres.
Given 73% | Car: Jeep| Tyre size 195/80/15